Auctioneers' responsibilities

To carry out business as an auctioneer you must hold a current registration, or be an employee of a registered auctioneer, and not be disqualified under the Auctioneers Act.

Renewing your registration

Your New Zealand registration as an auctioneer must be renewed annually.

See Renewing your auctioneer registration for how to do this.

Maintaining your registration

A registered auctioneer is obliged to notify the Registrar of any changes to information held on the register.

You need to let us know within 10 working days if any of your contact details have changed, or if:

  • you, or a director or CEO of your company, become disqualified from registration, or
  • you have ceased to carry on business as an auctioneer.

For company auctioneers, you need to let us know if a director is removed from your company’s listing on the Companies Office Register, or if your CEO changes. Company auctioneers also need to notify us within 20 working days of the appointment of a new director or CEO.

To let us know that a director or CEO is no longer concerned in the management of your company, please email us.

For all other changes, please complete the relevant sections of our notification of change form.

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All new directors and CEOs need to supply us with their criminal records from the Ministry of Justice.

Ministry of Justice website — Get your own criminal record

Auctioneers Act 2013 – Section 16(external link)

Send us your completed form by email or post.

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Keeping accurate and up-to-date records

You must keep accurate and up-to-date records of your sales, including:

  • description of the property sold
  • vendor’s details
  • auction date
  • reserve price
  • highest bid
  • sale price
  • proceeds to the vendor.

Section 17 of the Act provides a full list of what must be recorded.

Auctioneers Act 2013 — Section 17(external link)

Unauthorised sale of public records

Archives New Zealand’s role, through the Public Records Act 2005, is to provide for the continuing collection and storage of public archives. This is done by making sure that public archives and local authority archives are systematically created and preserved. This enhances public access to records important for government accountability and the historical and cultural heritage of New Zealand.

Sometimes important public and local authority records are offered for sale which should be in the care of Archives New Zealand and not on the open market. These will be records created by government departments and local authorities.

Archives New Zealand reminds vendors such as auctioneers and the general public that they cannot legally sell or buy these important records.

Please contact Archives New Zealand via for more information.

Employing auctioneers

You may only employ an auctioneer to conduct a sale on your behalf if the auctioneer is not disqualified under the criteria in the Act.

Auctioneers Act 2013 — Section 6(external link)