Auctioneer registration requirements

Before you can carry out business as an auctioneer, you must apply and be approved for registration. There are some exceptions to this, which are listed below.

Types of auctioneer registration

There are two types of auctioneer registration —  individual or company.

Individual auctioneer registration

This is for individuals who operate as an auctioneer in a self-employed, sole trader manner, or as a partnership.

Company auctioneer registration

This is for companies or partnerships that operate as auctioneers and employ auctioneers.

If your business holds a company auctioneer registration, the auctioneers you employ don't need to be registered. However, employees who act as auctioneers must not be disqualified under the criteria for registration.

Registration requirements

To register as an auctioneer, you must:

Exemptions from registration

You may be exempt from registration if you:

  • conduct charity auctions that don’t take a commission or payment
  • are already licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 or the Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003, or
  • are an employee of a business that holds a company auctioneer registration — in which case your employer must ensure that you’re not disqualified under Section 6 of the Act.

Real Estate Agents Act 2008(external link)

Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003(external link)

Auctioneers Act 2013 — Section 6(external link)

Notice Icon Violet2 Note

Even if you held an auctioneer’s licence in the past, to continue to legally operate as an auctioneer you must be registered under the 2013 Act.